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All our attorneys are carefully chosen experts in their respective fields, capable of orienting themselves even in marginal areas of law. Nevertheless, they are logically limitted in terms of their time capacity. Therefore, we decided to invest their capacity into clients that fit in our office profile. However much we enjoy law, it is impossible to provide high quality of legal services in the widest range of all areas of law. These two concepts actually contradict each other. One cannot provide general legal consultancy of the highest possible level. Thus, we focus on the areas of law that we know best and are best at.

At our very beginnings, one of our clients asked us whether we dare to take a legal dispute where the opposing party was represented by one of the largest legal offices in the world. We were taken by surprise. Of course we dare. There’s nothing we are not up to in our field of expertise. We won the dispute for that client and since then we’ve had a series of success against the so-called large legal offices. But that’s actually not so important.

Real good legal consultancy does not depend on how large the office is or how many clerks, trainees or assistants it employs. It depends on how good a lawyer one is, how thoroughly such lawyer wants to understand the issue and how much the lawyer really wants to help the client. This is what we instil in our lawyers. We teach them this attitude and guarantee our clients such approach.

None of the so-called large legal offices can give you such high level of quality and firm and close cooperation. Our specialization and organisational settings allows us to be in closer and more personal contact with our client. Thus, we are able to bring the best quality of legal consultancy for very fair prices to you and into your enterprises.

A match or not?

  • Enterprises with turnover exceeding £2 mil.

    Why the boundary of £2 mil? It turns out that copmanies with a turnover of milions of GBP and more often face similar problems and deal with similar issues. We want to invest our time into such clients.

    If your enterprise matches this criterion, we are highly likely to understand not only the legal but also the business essence of your problems and needs.

  • Tech companies

    We are fond of technology and its connection with law. We are not only interested in new, “modern” technology although this falls into the scope of our expertise as well. We are equally interested in anything that simply represents an interesting technological complex.

    We do not only specialize in the area of ICT. Our clientele does business in such traditional fields as defence industry, electronics manufacturing, security technology, medical device production, printed circuit manufacturing, bulk print, foundry industry, furnaces, filtration, nanotechnology etc.

  • Production and processing companies

    Production and processing companies also tend to encounter the same issues – labour-law administration, distribution relations, disputes with suppliers or purchasers. A larger production or processing company surely deals with business abroad. We can help you with such issues and prevent any problems.

  • Startups, ICT, SaaS, PaaS a IaaS companies

    If the abbreviations and terms in the title do not ring any bells; if someone thinks that Java concerns only cofee; or that database equals a file cabinet, then the given enterprise probably fits into a different category of business.

    Anyway, we deal with these terms on daily basis, as well as regulations concerning ICT services, ISP responsibility, electronic communication, audiovisual services on demand, online customer relations etc.

    If you’re dealing with SLA, maintenance, software escrow, option plans for early employees or contractual background of an investment into your startup (seed investment, angel investment, A Round, B Round…), claim capitalisation etc., we’ll gladly take part and contribute.

  • Individuals & non-entrepreneurs

    We do not focus on legal consultancy for natural persons. We do not provide services in common matters of Civil Law, such as disputes between neighbours, donation agreements between individuals, minor purchase agreements etc. We can recommend some other independent attorneys who can help you with such areas and represent you.

  • Family law

    Our legal office does not provide legal services in the area of family law, divorces, prenups, family disputes etc. We can recommend some tested notaries or indepdendent attorneys focusing on these areas of law.

  • Criminal proceedings against natural persons

    We do not represent natural persons in criminal proceedings suspected for commiting a crime other than property or business delicts. Again, we can recommend some attorneys specialized in Criminal Law.

    Our legal consultancy is carried out in the compliance fashion, i.e. none of our clients may ever get into the risk of criminal liability.

What we specialize in

  • GDPR, ePrivacy & compliance

    GDPR is a huge marketing topic and companies often get the feeling that the most suitable GDPR implementor for them is an IT company. What a mistake!

    The GDPR is a legal regulation, after all. Every implementation by-law with regard to the GDPR is a legal regulation. All statements of relevant authorities or WP29 are written by lawyers. If your company is inspected, the manner of GDPR implementation in your company is assessed by the relevant authority’s lawyers. Lawyers decide on whether to give you a penalty or not. So, if the authority imposed a penalty against your company, would you ask an IT specialist to submit an appeal on your behalf?

    The most suitable entity to implement and advice you on the GDPR is a legal office with a long-term specialisation in ICT, protection of personal data and ePrivacy, not an IT company. IT represents only a single component of the GDPR. Moreover, questions we answered to IT companies specialized in the GDPR revealed another aspect. Such companies tend to exhibit strong rigidity in opinions and elementary lack of knowledge of interpretation principles. Letting an IT specialist interpret a legal regulation is just about as good a solution as letting an attorney implement an ERP, CRM or another IT system.

  • Agreement preparation, negotiation and administration

    Compiling a great agreement means a lot more than just looking after its validity and effect. A brilliant contract can foresee even situations that might only theoretically occur and eliminate the potentially negative impacts on you.

    However, a solid contract represents only one aspect in a well adjusted legal relation. The period of negotiating the terms can already indicate a lot. If the other party refuses to include a logically formulated modification in the agreement, it’s always necessary to ask the reasons. Why does the other party mind? If your partner responds reasonably, we are always able to offer you and the other party a legal or business alternative. Thus, we can eliminate the other party’s worries and secure the purpose of the original provision for you. If the patner fails to provide a meaningful answer though, it always sends a strong singal to the client and us and determines our further procedure.

  • Business law, mergers, acquisitions, transaction structuring, due diligence

    Mergers and acquisitions represent an effective way of getting into new markets or increasing share in the current market. Our legal office can guide you through any of the legal transitions of business corporations, be it a merger, consolidation, demerger, splitting, transfer of assets to a partner or a change in the legal form.

    Acquisition transactions should sufficiently eliminate risks related to practical takeover of an acquired company. Such transactions require good business thinking on the attorney’s part and cability to find solution to any trouble that surely arise in the course of due diligence or during the negotiations with the other party or the bank providing funds. We are able to carry this out for our clients as we’ve already secured a whole array of acquisition transactions.

  • Patents, useable samples, software, domain law, trademarks

    This area is closely related to our ICT and copyright specialization. It does not always correspond, though. When registering patents and useable samples, we cooperate with leading patent and trademark offices. Patent law also often reflects the trial capability of the lawyer, the ability to claim your rights or – on the other hand – effective prevention of and defence from lawsuits by holders of too wide patents. We’ve also gained a lot of experience in this area and achieved success in many cases. If your competition is blackmailing you with an excessively wide and vague patent claim or indistinctive trademark, requesting license fees, we can attain avoiding such patent or trademark.

    We have long-term experience in domain law as well. We took part in some of the first domain disputes in the Czech Republic and since then we’ve recovered a range of domains for our clients – national (.cz) or in gTLDs (.com, .net, .org, .info).

    In some cases, however, we can reach the conclusion that you don’t have a sufficiently strong claim for a particular domain and therefore not a strong position for a potential domain arbitration. In such cases, we can negotiate a most favourable price with the domain holder by means of several special techniques and ensure a safe purchase and transfer of the domain under your control.

  • European law

    Practising law of a really high quality is impossible without the knowledge of and capability to move in European law. The implementation of European directives is often inaccurate in many European countries. Therefore, European law offers many options to build a stronger position for the client by referring to regulations within European law.

    With regard to compliance programmes and applied strategies, we communicate with the European Commission on behalf of our clients and procure written confirmations from the officials in Brussels for our interpretations and memos. This ensures mighty instruments for our clients, in case local officials decide to initiate a proceeding against the client to impose a penalty for an administrative delict.