GDPR implementation

In cooperation with the Legal Partners law office

We gained experience from hundreds of hours dedicated to the GDPR, our GDPR workshops and tens of GDPR implementations in European enterprises. Based on those, the lawyers in our law office developed the so-called Guaranteed Method of GDPR Implementation. This method allows to effectively divide the efforts necessary for complete GDPR imlpementation among the client (organisation), a specialized lawyer and an IT specialist. Due to this, professional GDPR implementation becomes affordable for anyone.

The holder of the Czech license for the use of know-how and copyright works associated with the Guaranteed Method of GDPR Implementation is DuPonti s.r.o., which has incorporated the Method in the online implementation tool at Our law office elaborated a series of 12 publications as support of the implementation tool at The publications are made available to users in the course of GDPR implementation, mainly in the First and Second Module (GDPR Essentials, Model Documentation etc.). Our law office also provides users of the implementation tool with legal counselling in the Fifth Module.

Note for current clients of Legal Partners

Legal Partners agreed with DuPonti Ltd. that current clients of the law office are offered the implementation service for free. So, if your organisation is a client of Legal Partners, mention it in the communication with the specialists of the implementation service. Subsequently, you’ll be granted free access to the implementation service.